NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels


Biogaz Vallée®, the Methanisation Cluster
in France

Biogaz Vallée® drives the ambition to position biogas at the heart of the French energy mix. A national professional association, Biogaz Vallée® brings together, enables and supports the methanisation sector to accelerate its construction and increase the creation of value for territories in France.

France: one of the first yet under-exploited biogas potentials in Europe

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Anaerobic digestion is a process that has the dual advantage of optimizing organic residues from agricultural, farm produce and municipal activities aimed at producing renewable energy and natural fertilizer.


  • A market with strong potential in France, with several hundred functioning methanisation installations and the ambitious target of more than methanisation 1,000 units by 2020, involving agricultural participation;
  • New ways of biogas optimisation, with network injection and biogas fuel: bioNGV;
  • New markets, with bio-waste sorting and optimisation obligations progressively extended to large and small producers of fermentable waste.

Shift to high gear with Biogaz Vallée®

Lionel  Le Maux, President of Biogaz Vallée® and co-founder of Evergaz:

"Methanisation is an opportunity for France. It means shifting to high gear, taking actions in favour of this industrial sector and being able to develop a French model. By acting on access to finance, to industrial, technical and economic factors in addition to sharing best practices and know-how, Biogaz Vallée® holds its roadmap to develop an added-value and profitable sector which creates skilled industrial jobs."

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