NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels


The AFGNV represents the ambitions
of NGV and bioNGV, one of the fuels of
the 21st century

NGV and bioNGV, a genuine industrial sector

The AFGNV* was established in 1994 at the initiative of the State Secretariat for Industry and Gaz de France. The Association mobilises public, economic and industrial stakeholders to support natural gas and biogas fuel development in France. It brings together vehicle manufacturers, many industrial sectors, R & D centres and territorial communities.

Our partners

In the service of transportation energy transition

The AFGNV represents the NGV and bioNGV sectors to public authorities, mobilises the energies and skills of its members to increase performance, and ultimately to position this industrial sector in its rightful place in the ambitious project of increasing green energy transition. For the latter, natural gas and its renewable production, biogas, is a very complementary fuel to electricity, especially in the industrial vehicle, public and goods transportation sectors.

* Association Française du Gaz Naturel pour Véhicule (French Association for natural gas for vehicles).

Documentation (fr)

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NGV/BIONGV, key energy transition elements

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