NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels


Scania, a leader in gas motors

Scania produced its first gas motors in 1929 demonstrating the benefits of this alternative to diesel throughout the evolutions of emissions standards. Scania gas motors combine many technical innovations that drastically reduce polluting emissions. They work equally well with bio methane and natural gas, offer a wide choice of configurations and display performances similar to those of diesel.

Scania positions itself as a sustainable transport solutions provider with a wide range of gas motor lorries and buses and a network of associated maintenance (trained mechanics, specifically equipped workshops, etc.).

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Scania’s values

Scania is a Swedish company established in France for nearly 40 years via its importer and its distribution network and for more than 20 years through its Assembly site, Scania Production Angers (49). Scania employs nearly 2,300 people in France and demonstrates its values on a daily basis: customer first, respect for the individual and quality. Furthermore, while developing alternative solutions, Scania is committed to respect for the environment and territories while accompanying clients in the realisation of customised solutions that guarantee them optimal efficiency.