NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels


Renault Trucks launch the

D Wide NGV Euro 6

Since 2004, Renault Trucks develops and markets compressed natural gas vehicles for its Distribution range.

Today, Renault Trucks completes its Distribution range with the Renault Trucks D Wide NGV, equipped with the new Euro 6 9-liter gas motor, rated at 320 HP and available in two configurations 4 x 2 at 19 tons or 6 x 2 at 26 tonnes.


The D Wide NGV Euro 6 runs on both natural gas and biomethane fuel (or biogas).


Biomethane fuel is a renewable energy source produced from organic materials and significantly reduces CO2 emissions compared to a Diesel vehicle.


Vehicles fuelled with natural gas or biomethane fuel are thus perfectly suited to urban and peri-urban use and distribution, delivery, and are particularly appreciated by local authorities (highways, waste collection and urban distribution).

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RENAULT TRUCKS lance son offre gaz naturel euro 6

RENAULT TRUCKS launches its euro 6 natural gas offering

RENAULT TRUCKS lanza su gama gas natural euro 6

RENAULT TRUCKS startet sein angebot an euro 6 erdgasfahrzeugen