NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels


A leading public transport operator, Keolis transports more than 3 billion passengers in 15 countries on four continents.

Often a precursor, for numerous years Keolis has invested in a full range of solutions aimed at reducing the environmental impacts of its vehicle fleet. The solutions offered are adapted to each territory's local context.

"For Keolis, public transport is the solution and not the problem when facing energy challenges."  Jean-Pierre Farandou.


The primary objective of Keolis group's environmental policy is the optimisation of energy consumption. One key action is using alternative energies to diesel fuel. Thus, Keolis has more than 3,500 buses powered by alternative energy to 100% diesel, including 1040 fuelled by NGV and 430 fuelled by biogas.


Using natural gas for vehicles generates several environmental benefits: reducing local pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions as well as reduced noise pollution. Furthermore, because biogas is derived from waste treatment, we also reduce resource depletion caused by fossil fuel consumption and leave a near-neutral carbon footprint.


Our partners

In the Lille transport network, 100% of buses are powered by natural gas

All 430 Lille Métropole urban buses are powered by natural gas since February 2014. They are twofold quieter than diesel buses. Part of the natural gas used to power the fleet comes from biogas provided by the Centre de Valorisation de déchets verts des habitants de la Communauté Urbaine de Lille (Green Waste Enhancement Centre of the inhabitants of the urban community of Lille). This makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions within a circular economy logic. With this new offer, 100% of Lille travel is now powered by the alternative to diesel: electricity for subway and tram systems and natural gas for urban buses.


...36% of the vehicles are 100% fuelled by biogas produced from city wastewater treatment.


These are 2 beautiful illustrations of circular economy: nothing is lost; everything is transformed, like in nature!

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