NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels


Committed to sustainable transport

An ultra mature technology for a zero emission result

By nature, methane combustion emits very few pollutants, particularly in terms of fine particulates and nitrogen oxide. When produced from the methanisation of organic matter, its carbon footprint is also extremely small. Gas engines are based on the highly-controlled technology of ignition engines and don't require complex decontamination equipment, which makes them an inexpensive solution available to all.

GRTGAZ accompanies cng and bio cng station project leaders

Our partners

A European directive requires each Member State of the EU to deploy a network of a sufficient number of public CNG refuelling stations by 2020. GRTgaz has put its skills and expertise at the service of project leaders to contribute to this network's implementation, the last obstacle to a wide-spread distribution of this energy source in the mix of transports supporting air quality and the fight against global warming.

Videos (fr)

MicroJoule, vainqueur du Shell Eco-marathon 2015 !

MicroJoule - Entretien Philippe Maindru, responsable du projet

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