NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels


Natural gas for vehicles (NGV), a mature and available ecological fuel  favouring the development of biomethane in France

In a fully mutating energy context, more than ever, communities, businesses and citizens expect GRDF to be an innovative energy advisor, able to offer sustainable energy solutions, particularly in terms of mobility. Thus GRDF is involved in the development of NGV and BioNGV to enable the development of this fuel of the future.

NGV is a gas that respects health and the environment

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GNV-powered transport today means bioNGV (biomethane fuel) tomorrow.

Le secteur des transports contribue significativement à la pollution de l'air et aux émissions de gaz à effet de serre, aussi il est urgent d'agir. Une solution existe, déjà,  le gaz carburant, également appelé le Gaz Naturel Véhicule (GNV).



  • 20% lower C02 emissions compared to petrol.
  • up to 80% lower emissions of NOx and fine particulates as compared to diesel vehicles built before September 2014 *, 60% of the french fleet (18.9 million of private vehicles).
  • Two times less noise and a vibration attenuation for all motor operations.


Furthermore, with an autonomy of around 300-400 km it is an alternative fuel complementary to electricity, particularly suitable for intra- and inter-city travel.

Biomethane is produced from food industry, mass catering, household, agricultural and other foodstuff waste; it's a purified biogas 100% respectful of natural gas spécifications, and can thus be injected into the GRDF natural gas distribution network. Used as fuel, it has the same advantages as natural gas while reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 98% compared to petrol and diesel. It also is a solution for waste treatment. By its very essence It's the sustainable fuel!


* date of the Euro 6 standard

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