NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels



Design, finance, build, operate and maintain natural gas distribution stations (CNG, Bio CNG and LNG) vehicles.

A major player in this sector, for more than 15 years GNVert has accompanied companies and communities in their sustainable mobility projects :


  • construction of the first public distribution station for CNG and BioCNG gas in Morsbach, eastern France.
  • two thirds of Paris' city cleaning vehicles are CNG-powered
  • Biomethane provisioning for Paris' RATP (public transport) buses

GNVert is also a team of more than 100 technicians throughout France.

Our partners


Promote the emergence of shared stations, engage in partnerships, propose customized solutions.

GNVert has 140 stations in France, of which 33 are public, which distribute CNG and Bio CNG. A network of 30 PL stations are planned by late 2017. By mid-2016, three LNG/CNG stations will open (Rungis, Lyon, Nimes).

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