NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels


Local authorities are a driving force for energy transition

CNG and bio CNG are at the heart of considerations for FNCCR members (National Federation of local Licensor Communities and Authorities).

Communities encourage and develop methanisation and a key development factor in this sector is the ability to offer different enhancement modes (fuel enhancement, gas network injection or electricity generation).


The public services involved in methanisation are in the sectors of electricity distribution, gas distribution, sanitation and waste management. These three types of communities are all present at the core of the FNCCR, enabling territories to conduct shared projects that are consistent with and adapted to territorial resources and needs.


The development of CNG or bio CNG stations, as well as electric vehicle charging stations, are an integral part of the public services offered by FNCCR members to accompany communities in clean mobility and more generally in the energy transition.

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