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Carrefour rolls out a lower-polluting lorry fleet

Carrefour takes action on all levels of the supply chain to reduce its CO2 emissions, and invests in the transport of the future with, among other things, biomethane-powered lorries.

By 2017 Carrefour will have a fleet of 200 biomethane-powered lorries in circulation to supply 250 urban stores in 5 cities: Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux. This delivery mode reduces CO2 emissions by 90%. It completely eliminates fine particle emissions and reduces noise levels two-fold compared to a conventional lorry.


Moreover it fits into a virtuous circle, since the biomethane is produced partly from Carrefour stores' organic waste. Through this cleaner transport mode Carrefour thereby combines an innovative waste recovery solution with a new anti-wastage lever.


The first French retailer to develop a fleet of biomethane delivery vehicles, Carrefour builds on a successful two-year experiment carried out in the cities of Lille and Paris. This innovation will reduce shipping CO2 impacts by more than 20,000 tonnes in 2017.

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