NGV/bioNGV, a concrete alternative to petroleum fuels



Air Liquide commits to meeting the ecological transition challenge

Air Liquide is a committed stakeholder along the entire biomethane value chain for sustainable transport, from biogas supply and biomethane-producing purification (which can be directly injected into the gas network) to distribution to the final client with bioNGV stations.

World leader in gas, technologies and services for industry and health, Air Liquide is present with more than 50,000 employees in 80 countries. Faced with environmental and energy challenges, the Group contributes actively to the development of sustainable mobilitycleaner transportation. Indeed, thanks to its expertise and skills in the gas sector, Air Liquide develops innovative solutions to reduce vehicles' carbon environmental footprint significantly and thereby effectively meet contemporary society's major needs. BioNatural bio-Gas for Vehicles (bioNGV) methane is among solutions the Group supports.

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Air Liquide is present throughout the biomethane value chain and supports the circular economy: from waste to mobility. Indeed, Air Liquide works with various partners to enhance biogas organic resources, designs and implements refinement technologies (Medal membrane) to produce biomethane and acquired the FordonsGas Swedish company, distributor of bioNGV Natural Bio-Gas for vehicles (Bio-NGV) in the transport market.


fuelingcharging stations (already more than ‘0 in Europe). It can also be  in addition to being used for cogeneration or be injected directly into the natural gas network. Air Liquide offers a complete range of sustainable solutions devoted to transportproducts tailored to the needs of its various clients. The bioNGV fuel station offer, for example, can be paired with a refrigerated transport cryogenic solution (BlueezeTM).


For more than ten years, Air Liquide has accompanied the bioNGVis sector's development in France as well as in other countries including the United States, Benelux, Italy, England in addition to the Nordic countries where the Group is already present.

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